Grind: A new Doom clone for the Amiga 500 and AtariST

Grind is a new upcoming fps game powered by the amazing Dread engine, a Doom clone engine for the Amiga 500 computers with just 1MB of RAM. The powerfull and flexible engine was developed by Krzysztof Kluczek in 2021. The Pixelglass Games team recently started working on this new Doom clone and the game will be released for the Amiga 500 and Atari ST. Details of the ongoing project are to be announced in the near future but the project will offer a deep storyline, new graphics and several other new features. Doom was widely regarded pushing the boundaries of PC gaming and graphics in the 90’s, with its 3D graphics, 3D maps, networked multiplayer and so much more. When released Amiga users could only dream of such a wonderfull action game and it would take years for Doom to arrive on the platform. The first real successful interpretation of Doom for Amiga came with the release of Gloom and it was playable on a bog AmigaCD32 or A1200. Gloom was set in some pretty miserable dungeons where you, a marine, must work your way around a rendered 3D maze blasting strange creatures, rival marines, ghosts and other creatures out of your way. The popular Amiga game was written by New Zealand’s respected Acid Software team and published by Guildhall. The release date of Grind is TBA….

news source: Pixelglass 

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