New release of Haiku: The only BeOS clone still under development

Haiku is a fast, efficient, simple to use, easy to learn, and yet very powerful system for computer users of all levels. Haiku Is a complete reimplementation of BeOS not based on Linux, it is directly compatible with BeOS applications. It is the only BeOS clone still under development, still keeping BeOS 5 compatibility, with an increased number of modern drivers and GTKĀ apps ported. Additionally, Haiku offers something over other open source platforms which is quite unique: The project consists of a single team writing everything from the kernel, drivers, userland services, tool kit, and graphics stack to the included desktop applications and preflets. While numerous open source projects are utilized in Haiku, they are integrated seamlessly. This allows Haiku to achieve a unique level of consistency that provides many conveniences, and is truly enjoyable to use by both end-users and developers alike.

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