Action-Sidescroller “Daemon Claw”still in development: Kickstarter launching next month

“Daemon Claw” has been announced a long time ago, but the game is still in development for Amiga, PC and Mega Drive. At its core, “Daemon Claw” is an action-packed sidescroller that places players in the shoes of a fearsome, demonic warrior. The game doesn’t waste any time throwing players into the thick of the action. With an arsenal of devastating attacks and the ability to unleash chaos, players are tasked with carving their way through hordes of evil foes. The controls are intuitive, allowing players to execute a variety of combos and special moves, which adds depth to the combat system. Precision timing and quick reflexes are essential as you confront waves of enemies and massive bosses.

“Daemon Claw” offers a challenging experience, rewarding skillful play and mastery of its mechanics. Complementing the fast-paced action is an immersive audio experience. The sound effects are impactful, enhancing the feeling of each attack and explosion. The game’s music is a high-energy soundtrack that matches the intensity of the gameplay, ensuring players are constantly pumped and engaged. What sets “Daemon Claw” apart is its unique blend of fast-paced action, retro aesthetics, and the ability to harness the power of chaos. As players progress, they unlock increasingly devastating abilities, further intensifying the combat experience. This sense of empowerment keeps the gameplay exciting and encourages experimentation. The developers have announced a fundraiser on Kickstarter.

news source: Twitter

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