New demo released of Roguecraft: impressive upcoming dungeon crawler for the Amiga

Roguecraft is a new upcoming dungeon crawler for the Commodore Amiga by Badger Punch Games and offers glorious pixelated graphics and lovely music by Sami Louko. With its focus on delivering a dungeon-crawling adventure where every play-through is a distinctive journey. With procedurally generated levels and the challenge of increasingly formidable adversaries, the game manages to create a gameplay dynamic that is both exhilarating and engaging. Each room is a unique narrative, one where players must adapt, strategize, and learn from their mistakes. Roguecraft Distinguishes itself by placing a premium on simplicity and enjoyment. Rather than overwhelming players with intricate mechanics or convoluted systems, the game opts for an approach that welcomes players of all skill levels. By focusing on the fundamentals of fun and accessibility, Roguecraft seeks to create an experience that is easy to pick up yet challenging to master.

The backstory of the game is about a immemorial legend been told of a dark, deadly dungeon containing unimaginable horrors and riches beyond belief. Enough riches and magic to make you a king, or more. You have been searching for this dungeon since you stumbled upon the legend in an ancient Egyptian library many years ago. It started with the rumor of an ancient dark being and a magic amulet. The legend tells of a wakening and of horrors to come. Your search carried you across the world, one riddle at a time. Through many trials and perils you are now standing at the entrance of a dark and mystical dungeon far from where you started. Now you must defeat the monsters and gather the riches waiting below. As Roguecraft continues its development journey, it promises to be a very promising game release for the Commodore Amiga in 2023!

news source and image sources: Badger Punch Games

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